• Dish Washing Block®
  • Dish Washing Block®
No Tox Life

Dish Washing Block®

The Zero Waste Dish Block® dishwashing soap from No Tox Life is a real powerhouse. Each block can replace up to 3 bottles of typical liquid soap - that's what long-time customers say. The soap removes stubborn dirt and grease from dishes, pots and pans. But it can also be used in the entire household. It is completely free of perfume and protects the hands with Aloe Vera.

  • Quantity: One 7.5 oz / 215 g bar of soap
  • Packing: cardboard banderole

(This product is handmade. Slight unevenness, chips, cracks and roughness on the edges of the soap bar are normal)

Warning: This product is not intended for cutting. It is a very solid block that cannot easily be cut into smaller pieces.

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