Enjoy Coffee-To-Go in your own cup

Although it is written on some paper cups: so far there is not a single disposable cup that is compostable or easily recyclable.

Many cups are biodegradable according to DIN EN 13232. But this only happens under fixed conditions (you can read more about this here). These conditions can be different for all materials - depending on their composition - so that there is no recycling plant that can process these cups. In the end they are therefore thermally recycled - incinerated. The cups are and remain a waste of material. By the way, this also applies to almost all disposable to-go containers.

Genieße Coffee-To-Go im eigenen Becher

So if you like to enjoy your café on the go, then in a reusable cup. The less plastic, the better for you and the environment.

How do you drink your coffee?

Before you buy a reusable cup, you should take a closer look at your coffee drinking habits. What kind of coffee do you drink on the road? Latte macchiato, espresso or rather Americano? Do you immediately hold your cup in your hand and drink your coffee while walking? Many people want a cup that they can put in their pocket when closed. But most people drink their coffee while moving. Therefore, it doesn't always have to be the isolated, leak-proof cup.

You may not even have to buy a cup. Your own porcelain coffee mug, which you always have with you, will do. If you prefer something with a lid, a disposable glass with a screw cap might do. Why don't you try this before you buy something new?