Many thanks to all our partners and supporters.

Without our many partners we would only be a fraction as sustainable. Our business runs so green because of the help, support and existence of our partners:

Biobiene Logo

Bio Biene

Biobiene - Innovations from bioplastics & plant fibre packaging for 100% plastic-free packaging since 2008!

Ahoi Velo Logo

Ahoi Velo

The specialist in Hamburg for cargo bikes (cargo, family and transport bikes) from half of Europe and the world with a wide range of exclusive brands, high-quality spare parts and selected accessories.

Velo Lab Logo

Velo Lab

Velo Lab is bicycle design and fabrication laboratory, designing and developing it's own bicycles and bicycle related products.

Triodos Bank Logo

Triodos Bank

What we do is very simple. We take our clients' money and transform the economy. Everyone benefits in the end. By the way, we have been doing this since 1980 and not just since supermarkets themselves knew how good organic produce tastes. Maybe that is why over 720,000 people all over Europe trust us.

Elektrizitätswerke Schönau Logo

Elektrizitätswerke Schönau

As an independent company, we are committed to the phase-out of nuclear power, climate protection and the decentralisation and democratisation of the energy industry. The fight for a sustainable energy future shapes all our corporate and social actions.

Elbe Werkstätten Logo

Elbe Werkstätten

The Elbe-Werkstätten offer people with disabilities a wide range of vocational training and employment opportunities throughout the Hamburg region. You will not only find these within the workshop, but we also offer vocational rehabilitation in companies of the general labour market.

Clean Ocean Project Logo

Clean Ocean Project

Das Clean Ocean Project ist eine Nichtregierungsorganisation mit Sitz auf Fuerteventura. Es wurde im Jahr 2000 gegründet, um die Ozeane, Wellen und Strände zu schützen. Unser Ansatz ist einfach, wir werden von der Idee angetrieben, dass jeder Teil des Problems - und der Lösung - ist. Leiste deinen Beitrag, sei ein Teil der Lösung.