A better world. The sooner, the better.

Not only do we want to make your life more sustainable by offering you products that we curate based on our criteria, we are also actively committed to making all our lives more sustainable in the future.

Support for projects around us.

We support projects that are close to our heart; together with you. Because we renounce 15% of our profit (that's quite a lot) and distribute the money at the end of the year to social and sustainable projects.

Every time you spend money, you give a voice for the kind of world you want.

Clean Ocean Project Logo

Clean Ocean Project

What is an NGO from Fuerteventura, which is committed to the protection of the beaches and seas, doing in Hamburg and in an online shop? Anyone who has ever been to the sea – the Canary Islands or the North Sea – will have come across garbage that not so long ago was produced in Hamburg or any other city, thoughtlessly thrown away, not recycled or otherwise released into the environment. The sea is at the end of the waste cul-de-sac. It originates from the cities. We live in a city. With the collaboration of the Clean Ocean Project and our zero waste concept store in Hamburg, we want to establish a space in the city that not only sells sustainable, environmentally friendly products, but also looks to the world. A place to inform yourself. And we go one step further and collect money through the sale of our products, which we can then donate to the Clean Ocean Project for further projects.

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Rainforest Rescue Logo

Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue is a non-profit organisation that is actively engaged in the conservation of rainforests, the protection of their inhabitants and the promotion of social reform. Since 1986 they have been interfering in the business interests of timber and livestock barons, oil and mining companies, banks and corrupt politicians. They all benefit quickly from the destruction of the rainforests, while nomads, rubber tappers, indigenous tribes and small farmers are deprived of their livelihoods. Without international aid the inhabitants of the rainforest are often powerless. They are often discriminated against as ethnic minorities and do not have the financial means to assert their rights. We support with you financially different projects, for reforestation and especially for the preservation of primeval forests. Because the bigger and older the tree, the more CO2 it can store.

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Activism for a better tomorrow.

Take a break and breathe deeply? Only when the air is really fresh again.

That's why we spend almost every free minute working with clubs, organisations and groups to create a more sustainable world for all of us in which the next generations can live happily.

Clean Ocean Project Logo

Clean Ocean Project

When we got to know the Clean Ocean Project, the idea and the people behind it, it was clear to us that we wanted to participate. It began with a jointly developed campaign to introduce a Europe-wide deposit system for disposable coffee capsules, the Clean Coffee Project. This was followed by the development of a 100% plastic-free reusable coffee cup, the "Clean Coffee Mug" which will be launched in 2020. And since 2018 there is the "Playa Palette" at the beaches Fuerteventura. 24 h Beach Clean-ups, for everyone.

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Ocean Now! Logo

Ocean Now!

When we became aware of the art action on the subject of sculpture in the sea, which Meike Schütz and a great team had brought to life, we knew: it fits. Not only in general, but also with us. Ocean Now! is a marine conservation organization that contributes to the realization of the sustainability goal 14 of the Paris Climate Convention – "Life under water" – with art. We support not only the petition for a legal regulation of plastics in cosmetics, but also the events. Really worth seeing.

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Einmal ohne, bitte Logo

Einmal ohne, bitte

What if you can go shopping almost everywhere with your containers or reusable containers? A dream, in which the world would like to sleep permanently, because shopping without packaging is difficult in many parts of Germany. The label 'Once without, please' has set itself the goal of avoiding packaging waste during shopping and take-away. It makes shops and restaurants visible, where you can buy food without packaging. This is made clear by a sticker with the text "Einmal ohne, bitte" (translates to something like "For me without, please"), which clearly indicates shops and restaurants where goods are offered unpackaged. The label "Einmal ohne, bitte" originates from the non-profit Munich-based association rehab republic e.V. This open creative collective promotes awareness of sustainable development and is looking for lifestyles in which people are happy and satisfied with a lower consumption of energy and resources. Here in Hamburg St. Pauli we are committed to ensuring that this label will soon be found in many shops and restaurants.

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