Avoid waste when you take food to-go.

If you like to enjoy your meal in the fresh air or are on the road a lot, do not use disposable cutlery.

Vermeide Müll, wenn Du Essen mitnimmst

Always take a cutlery set with you instead: fork, knife, spoon, possibly chopsticks and a drinking straw made of stainless steel or bamboo - depending on what you like to eat. You can put your cutlery in a case. Such a cutlery bag fits in every backpack, is not heavy and super practical.

Let your food be filled into boxes you bring along

Many snack bars and restaurants are very happy if you bring your own containers to take food with you. We recommend to invest some money and buy one or more stainless steel boxes. These are available in different shapes and sizes. The advantage: they are light, easy to clean and extremely robust. Alternatively, there are also glass containers with a lockable lid. Although these are considerably heavier than stainless steel containers, they are cheaper and often ovenproof. And if you don't want to buy anything new: salads, muesli, porridges, bowls and soups fit wonderfully into screw-on or wake-up jars.

Bags for dry food

Dry food such as baked goods can simply be taken along in cotton bags.

Plastic is not an alternative

And what about containers made of bioplastics? Unfortunately we cannot recommend them. Bioplastic is and will remain plastic. You can read more about this here. In addition, there are simply too many suppliers and too few standards on the market. Therefore you cannot be sure which components the containers consist of. This also makes it impossible to find out if the components are harmless. Basically, products made of plastic are also not heat-resistant. Oily and hot food has no place in plastic containers.