Optimize your white goods

Optimiere Deine weiße Ware

In your home, check how energy-friendly your refrigerator, washing machine, stove, etc. are. Because white goods account for approx. 7% of our energy consumption at home and especially the refrigerator runs 24/7 and should therefore consume as little energy as possible.

All products older than 10 years should be checked for their energy consumption.

Good quality pays off.

In addition, you should pay attention to the quality you buy. It doesn't always have to be the latest high-tech knick-knacks, but clarify before you buy whether the device can be repaired, whether it has a warranty and check the reviews on the internet or on consumer protection platforms. A tip for reviews: It's not the 5 stars that count, but the low star ratings. The real problems are hidden there.

If you have chosen a device that is energy efficient and lasts for a long time, you are already on a climate-friendly path.

Correct use of your devices.

If you also use the devices correctly, you can do a lot for the climate. It starts with setting and stocking the fridge and stops when you do the laundry.

For example, if the fridge is too close to furniture and walls, it cannot cool down properly from the outside and uses more energy to cool down. If you always put warm food in the fridge or if you put the wrong food on the fridge shelves, the fridge has to work as well. And another tip: refrigerators don't need to be cooled down as much.

When washing laundry, you need to reduce the amount of laundry you wash. A lot of laundry does not have to be washed at 60 degrees. If it is not very dirty and does not smell, a 30° degree wash in eco-mode is sufficient. However, it is advisable to rinse the laundry regularly to keep it cleaner and to prevent it from smelling. This also means that every time you start your washing day, for example once a week, you should wash the first laundry at 60 degrees. This cleans the washing machine and kills the biofilms in the machine, so that the laundry does not absorb unpleasant odours from the machine.