How to speak Zerowaste - Mobile dictionary

Till Hinrichs — — 1 minute

Summertime is also vacation time. The perfect time to try something new outside of everyday life. How about reducing waste? And that in another language?

Or are you unsure how to continue to implement your sustainable everyday life on holiday because of the language barrier?

We have just the right thing for you. We have collected the most important sentences that you will need again and again during your holiday. We start with a simple sentence. Next time order your drink at the beach bar without a straw. Just try it out. You can do it.

For simplicity we start the dictionary on Instagram. Just follow un.waste and learn the zero-waste language in bite-sized chunks.

The language of your holiday destination is not included? Doesn't matter. Just write us your wish in the comments.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive zero-waste dictionary together with you.