Plastic survives us all.

Till Hinrichs — — 2 minutes

It's crazy, a yoghurt cup is washed up on the coast of Fuerteventura and it looks as if it has just been taken out of the fridge. Only the expiry date and the Chinese characters explain that this cup has been travelling around the world with the current for years.

Plastik überlebt uns alle.

How long exactly what takes to dissolve completely can hardly be answered seriously. That depends on various factors. The material itself and the conditions to which it is exposed, such as temperature, solar radiation, fresh water or salt water. Nevertheless, these examples give you a good idea of how damn hard plastic is.

Plastic bottle - 450 years
Straw - 200 years
Disposable diaper - 450 years
Drink holder - 400 years
Plastic bag - 10-20 years
Styrene cup - 50 years
Cigarette butt - 5 years


As you can see, the coffee-to-go cup, which we use for only a few minutes and then throw away, we all still have something of it for a very long time. We have to do without disposable plastic in particular, it is mainly responsible for the flood of plastic.