Skincare routine of Co-Founder Vanessa

Vanessa Koch — — 2 minutes

From today on we show you more about Clean Clean. Who we are, what drives us, even how we live.

We start today with a mini-shot from our bathroom. The daily skincare routine of our co-founder Vanessa. Pure and natural. As she unfortunately has very sensitive skin and the medium-hard water dries her skin very much, she uses a mild facial soap and a natural sponge only to remove a lot of make-up. Both in use for over 2 years and still top! For the daily cleansing of light make-up in the morning and in the evening she uses a homemade toner made of aloe vera juice, witch hazel and calendula tincture, which she applies to the skin with the CleanClean Cleansing Pads and rubs off gently. Afterwards there is a mild fluid also made of aloe vera with lots of moisture, but not homemade. More is not needed.

The Cleansing Pads in your bathroom are incidentally our Ugly-Ducklings - rejects from our production if we are not satisfied with the quality. With us nothing is thrown away. Everything is reused somehow.