Who, if not us?

Vanessa Koch — — 2 minutes

Currently, climate change and the pollution of our environment, especially the littered seas through plastic, are being discussed in all media. Especially the question who should take responsibility is on everyone's lips. Is it politics that prescribes rules and regulations and creates incentives? Is it the companies that should finally take responsibility? Or is it ultimately us, the population and above all us as consumers, who finally change something about their behaviour?

The right way will probably be somewhere in the golden mean and once the politicians have discussed it with the big companies, we as consumers should take the first step. After all, as we all know, the smarter one gives in and that's us.

But how and where to start? Every beginning is difficult and in our complex everyday life, changes are sometimes difficult to integrate. Especially when it is not convenient at first sight. But... if you start step by step, it will be easy.

We want to help you to make the world a little bit better every day. Not only with our products, but here on our blog with tips and tricks to avoid garbage. But also interesting interviews with people who make themselves strong for us and people who have already reduced their packaging waste.

Be curious, we will start soon.