I'm glad you found your way to UNWASTE. We're Till and Vanessa. Not only have we been living our lives together for over 15 years, founded our small company in Hamburg 5 years ago, but fortunately we also have a common vision of sustainable living. For more than 10 years now we have been turning our lives upside down bit by bit.

Towards an everyday life with little negative impact on nature and our environment, but also without limiting our definition of quality of life. We are people of pleasure. We like good food, good products that last a long time and are timeless, we like to get to know new places, but even more than travelling we like to be in nature. No matter whether it is the forest, the corridor or the sea. It hurts us more and more every year to see how nature suffers under the human influence.

In addition, it automatically came about that we reconsidered our previous professional life and changed from a permanent position in companies to self-employment in order to become more and more actively involved in a sustainable life.

During the last few years, we have found in conversations with family, friends and acquaintances that our experiences, tips and knowledge also help others to live a life for and with nature. And this simply, bit by bit and without having to make the mistakes we made in the beginning or the work on research we spent.

This is what motivated us to bring UNWASTE into being.

With the current climate changes we are five to twelve. And we find that there is no need for legal restrictions if we all adapt our daily lives. Man is a creature of habit. We have long conditioned ourselves on brands and habits that we believe simplify our lives. We have blindly relied on them. Because many things in our lives are no longer simple.

UNWASTE helps you to get back this independence. You will need fewer products, automatically save money in the long run, live healthier lives and in the end ask yourself why you didn't do it much earlier. We are only giving you a helping hand. You can choose the way and when you want to take the next step.

We offer you truly sustainable products, tips, interesting facts about sustainable living, recipes, workshops, events, news from the world of sustainable living, great interviews with exciting people and much more.

And of course we are always looking forward to a lively exchange with you.

Where do we see ourselves in the future? In a small house by the forest with a huge fruit meadow, a few animals and a garden that takes care of us. A place where we live almost self-sufficiently and where we can make our idea of a sustainable, climate-friendly life clear to you on site. Will we be able to do that? Who knows? Let's just stay in touch and see where our common path takes us.