• Enamel cup "Captain Clean Coffee"
  • Enamel cup "Captain Clean Coffee"
Clean Ocean Project

Enamel cup "Captain Clean Coffee"

Show everyone that you are a captain and know where the journey is going. Towards sustainability. The Captain Clean Coffee is made of high-quality enamel, extremely robust and light. The beautiful maritime design is by Dani Garreton and was developed for the Clean Coffee Project, a campaign calling for the introduction of a Europe-wide deposit system for disposable coffee capsules.

  • Height: 75 mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Fill quantity: 350 ml
  • Packaging: cardboard and paperboard made from recycled paper


Enamel is a hard material, but under great pressure it breaks like glass. So please don't throw it if you meet someone with a disposable cup again.

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