• Zero Waste Shaver
  • Zero Waste Shaver
  • Zero Waste Shaver
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Zero Waste Shaver

Shaving without a guilty conscience and above all without rubbish can be so easy. Our stainless steel razor slicer fits perfectly in the hand. The sharp blade glides over your skin and makes it wonderfully smooth. 10 pieces are included. Each blade side can be used 15 times. Once purchased, it will last a lifetime - with good care. Suitable for beginners, advanced users and most importantly unisex. Let's face it, there are no special curves that distinguish men and women when shaving. By the way, it is made in Germany.

  • Quantities: 1 shaver + 10 blades.
  • Material: razor: stainless steel from Solingen. Blades: Stainless steel from Solingen.
  • Packaging: packed in a cardboard box. The blades are delivered in a plastic box in which you can also collect the old blades in a compartment until they are recycled. Thus reusable for the next generations of blades.

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Delivery within 7 working days.