Always have a bag or blanket with you

Even though we know that the disposable bag we carry our shopping home in is bad for the environment, we still catch ourselves from time to time reaching for a plastic or paper bag at the supermarket checkout. Why? Quite simply: spontaneous purchases.

Hab immer einen Beutel oder ein Tuch dabei

But you can avoid the grip of the disposable bag in the future by simply stuffing a cotton bag or a shopping net into your bag. This additional shopping bag should have a firm place in your bag. So you will no longer be embarrassed to reach for a disposable bag.

Another clever and great alternative is a large cloth - furoshiki - which you can spontaneously turn into a bag or rucksack using many wrap and knot techniques. A furoshiki is an incredible all-rounder. It can also be converted into a scarf or even a small picnic blanket.