If clothes do not fit and fit well, they remain unused in the wardrobe and their ecological balance is therefore negative. It is better to make them fit or only buy some that you want to and can always wear.

Hand on heart. How many pieces of clothing are there in your wardrobe that you have bought but which you have to tinker with all the time because they don't fit properly or have simply become too big or too small? The fact is: you will never enjoy wearing the garment if it doesn't fit you properly. And if you don't enjoy wearing it, the garment stays in the wardrobe, takes up space and remains unused.

Mach Deine Kleidung passend

You can remedy this by having the garments adjusted at a tailor's or, if you can sew, by doing it yourself. This has the advantage that you wear the clothes again and do not replace them with a new purchase. If the garment cannot be altered, give it to the garment exchange or offer it as a second-hand item. It would be a pity if the garment ends up in the waste if unworn.