Make something new out of your old clothes

Mach was Neues aus Deiner alten Kleidung

Discarded clothing does not have to be thrown away. You can give them a new use.

This prolongs their existence and reduces their previous negative ecological footprint, which is caused by their production. After all, the longer textiles are used, the better their eco-balance will be. Try it out for yourself. Turn a shirt into a top, a t-shirt into a shopping bag or give your clothes to creative companies that specialize in upcycling.

Sew an apron out of old jeans.

Turn an old pair of jeans that no longer fit or that you just don't want to wear into a jeans apron with simple sewing skills. To do this, you have to open the legs and sew the front sides of the legs together in the middle. The back pockets come to the front and the loops are sewn from the back of the legs. That's it. You can see how this works in the two examples on video, which we have selected for you on YouTube:

Sewing Instructions 1
Sewing Instructions 2