Don't do the laundry so often

We don't want you running around dirty and stinking now. But did you know that most of the environmental impact of fashion happens after you buy it at home?

In her book "Waste Not Everyday" , Erin Rhoads points out that 82% of the energy that a garment consumes happens when you wash your clothes once a week

Wasch nicht so oft

A large part of our clothes are only worn once and go into the washing machine without airing. This does not have to be the case. On the one hand, it consumes an enormous amount of energy and water. On the other hand, many common household detergent brands contain a lot of chemicals and plastics, which end up as microplastics in the sewage via the grey water. In addition, clothes lose small fibres with every wash - which is why they eventually become threadbare.

Instead of putting your clothes in the washing machine after a day of wear, try airing them out for a day. Jeans will be fresh again if you put them in the freezer overnight. Wool can be aired outside overnight. Small stains can be washed out with a little curd soap and odours can be freshened up with a homemade laundry spray.