Admittedly, New Year's resolutions are always great, but they are never quite kept.

This is not about such resolutions, but about small goals that help you to get a sustainable wardrobe. And that starts with shopping, for example. Many of us like to go shopping. A lot.

The resolution not to buy anything for a year can be a goal that cannot be achieved very quickly. It is more likely to succeed if you shorten the time a bit. Try to reach the big goal with small steps.

Kauf nicht so oft ein

How about not buying anything for a month? Or buy new clothes next time at flea markets and second-hand shops? It also helps to ask yourself before buying a garment if you would wear it at least 30 times and if you have clothes in your wardrobe with which you can combine it? Just try it out. The smaller your step is, the easier it is to achieve. And after the first feeling of success, you'll definitely want to keep going.