Put your supplies in jars

Pack Deine Vorräte in Gläser

A unpacked and plastic-free stock is not difficult at all and you don't have to buy everything new. As I said, it's all about making yourself aware of the issue, finding your own rhythm for change, and then changing something when you're ready for it.

Repackage your food

There are good reasons why you should decant your food from packaging like cardboard and plastic into jars:

  1. A lot of packaging releases substances into the food that are suspected to be harmful to health and accumulate in the body.
  2. In closed containers the food keeps longer.
  3. You protect it from vermin such as flour moths.
  4. You have a better overview of what you have in your cupboards.

But you don't have to buy new glasses for that. Disposable glasses, which you might have wanted to dispose of in the bottle bank, are also suitable for storage. Clean the glasses well from the inside and outside and remove the old labels. If the glasses are not too heavy, you can also take them to the zero waste shop or to the weekly market.

You can also use plastic containers. However, you should pay attention to what plastic they are made of to avoid that softeners like BPA and other harmful substances do not get into your food and you take them in with the preparation of food.

What plastic are your containers made of?

This makes it difficult for the end consumer to know what material the product is made of and if it is food safe before buying it. Many companies already voluntarily indicate which materials they use.