Pick your own ingredients

Pflücke Deine Zutaten selbst

Ever tried to be a herb witch and search for your food in the countryside?

Meanwhile there are many groups in Germany that offer a herb or picking hike. The great thing is that you go to the country, get to know nature and the community and find food that has a different taste. You can easily start with herbs, grasses, berries, wild hops, wild garlic, goutweed, nettles. Many things can already be found right by the wayside.

The edible plants in nature contain an incredible amount of vitamins and secondary plant substances. Especially in spring many road herbs provide their extra portion of vitamin C and taste great on soups and in salads. You can also make delicious pasta or quiche out of it and it really doesn't taste like organic or herb witch, but simply delicious!

You should really take a professional guided tour before you start walking, because some plants are very similar and can be inedible and unhealthy for us humans. In addition, it is not allowed to pick everywhere and or some plants only in certain quantities. Under for example WildpflanzenLiebe you will also find a guided hike in your area (Germany).