Skip sample sets and travel sizes

These great sample sets of travel-sized beauty products are always so tempting. But they cause a huge amount of waste for no reason and offer comparatively little content.

If you travel a lot, invest in small bottles that you can refill. Or wash out small bottles that can be refilled after you have used up the product and fill your products.

Lass Probensets und Reisegrößen weg

Washing out is always very easy. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in water, fill the bottles with it, shake vigorously, clean with a small cleaning brush if necessary, pour out and rinse well with hot water.

Remember, however, that active skin care products such as vitamin C or retinol serums are best left in their original packaging to ensure stability, but anything else can be decanted for travel. If you have many mini-products left over from flights and hotel stays and you can't use them all, take them to the nearest homeless shelter. There they are needed - but they should still be unused and unopened.

You can collect solid travel-size broken pieces of soap and use them later to make detergent.

There are already some hotels that do this in their rooms. A great idea.

Even better than using mini-bottles is to switch to solid cosmetics and care products. The big advantage when travelling: they save space, are economical, do not leak and you can even take them with you in your hand luggage.