Replace your monthly hygiene products

Are there alternatives to tampons, panty liners and the like? Yes, and you can help to reduce the consumption of resources by disposable articles massively and save money at the same time.

However, it might not be the first step you want to take when it comes to living more sustainably. But we say: Once you have taken this step, you never want to go back.

Ersetze Deine Hygieneprodukte

There are countless alternatives for tampons, panty liners and the like, such as menstrual cups or mugs, in different shapes, colours and sizes. There are washable panty liners and there are period panties that can also be washed.

Everything needs a little settling in at first - just as the first period was a settling in period. But after that you will definitely save on disposable products and money. Even better, you'll never have to ask anyone for a tampon again. You'll get to know yourself and your period better and you'll feel incredibly independent and free after you've taken the step. It's definitely worth a try.