Choose a sustainable and fair bank for your money

Wähle eine nachhaltige und faire Bank für Dein Geld

Do you know what your bank does with your money?

To be sure that only good things will be done with your money in the future, you should change your bank account to a sustainable bank that not only excludes investments in controversial industries and companies, but also promotes ecological and social business areas through targeted investments.

Currently there are only a handful of sustainable banks in Germany that do their utmost to offer you sustainable and social investments and not to invest your money in dubious businesses and unsustainable funds.

GLS, Umweltbank, Triodos Bank and Ethik Bank are the big players in this area. Tomorrow is a brand new addition and offers a unique mobile digital current account. Similar to N26. But it supports ecological and social projects and positions itself as a digital sustainable bank. However, behind it is the SolarisBank, which offers its technical capabilities to Tomorrow. Tomorrow stresses that the Solaris Bank must not work with the money. If you want to offer young creative sustainable banking solutions a chance, Tomorrow is the right place for you. If it is about more than just spending money and wants to use his money in a more targeted way, the larger banks mentioned are better off.