Clean your place sustainably

Dash, Meister Proper, Ajax, Sidolin, Cilit Bang and Co are all superfluous, because you can easily make your own cleaning products.

Putz Deine vier Wände nachhaltig

With this you reduce the amount of plastic packaging, as well as the amount of micro-plastics and chemical substances that can contaminate our waters and prevent the evaporation of volatile organic compounds that can cause allergies.

For the production of detergents you only need curd soap, spirit, vinegar and baking soda and, if necessary, a few essential oils.

With curd soap you can clean floors, furniture and windows. From vinegar, spirit and water you can make a streak-free glass cleaner. From vinegar and curd soap with essential oils dissolved in water you can conjure up a bathroom and kitchen cleaner in no time at all.

Vinegar removes mould and kills micro-organisms and bacteria. So everything is also hygienic. And the best: all ingredients are not expensive and you save money in the long run.