Socks have become disposable products for our generation. It's a real pity, because darning socks was once a truly high art of craftsmanship that was not lacking in any household.

Anyone who has ever knitted socks themselves also knows how complex the production process is. Even though socks are now knitted by machines in no time at all, many people still have a short period of existence. There's the heel, which quickly thins out, the bottom which becomes a thread or the one toe which always digs itself out of the sock and leaves a hole. In the meantime, sock stoppers are becoming en vogue again. And it looks great if you use complementary and bright colours to fill the hole in the sock.

Stopf Deine kaputten Socken

But how do you actually fill the hole in the sock?

Here is a short instruction: Sew small stitches up and down in the area around the hole and then turn the work so far that you sew more stitches perpendicular to the previous ones. You will then weave the thread between the other stitches until you have covered the hole.

It may take a little practice, but then you will always have very individual and cool looking socks. And honestly, there's something meditative about darning socks.