Care for your electronic equipment

Pflege Deine elektronischen Geräte

The longer you keep an electronic device, the better its environmental performance. It's not only about the power consumption, but also about the materials used.

Because electronic devices contain rare earths, gold, silver and copper. Therefore, you should regularly clean your mobile phone, laptop and household appliances and check them for wear and tear, as this will extend their life span.

If you don't think you can do this on your own, experts in repair cafés will help you. You can find them everywhere by now. At Repaircafé.org you can find important tips and where the nearest café is in your area. Repaircafé also supports you in finding a specialist for the repair or how to get possible spare parts.

If appliances are irreparable and thrown away, this has an enormous impact on CO2 emissions. So before you dispose of it, RepairCafé recommends to ask the manufacturer if certain parts of it are still needed or if specialized shops with repair service need the devices for recovery. Only then can you think about recycling and the associated disposal at a disposal and reusable material yard.

When choosing electrical appliances, therefore, always consider whether they are reparable. Sometimes it is worth buying used appliances here, where you know that they are very robust and have a long service life.