Ensure good air and indoor climate

Sorge für gute Luft und Raumklima

You can never have enough houseplants. There are certain plants are specifically suited to optimize the indoor climate of your rooms:

Bowstring hemp

arch hemp releases oxygen at night, making it best suited for the bedroom.

Lilies and ferns

Peace lilies and Boston or sword ferns thrive best in rooms with high humidity and can reduce the mould spores in the air, making them ideal for bathrooms.


Ficus (Benjamins) have proven to be the best plant to remove formaldehyde released from carpets and furniture, making them perfect for living rooms.

Better humidity

Beauty sunny weather and a crisp winter with warm heating ensure very dry air in our rooms. This causes wooden furniture to warp and our mucous membranes and eyes to become dry. The latter favours that we get a cold. Plants are also helpful here, as they release moisture into the air. A well-humidified air contains between 40 - 60 % moisture.