Observe your behaviour in the kitchen

Beobachte Dein Verhalten in der Küche

If you want to reduce the amount of waste in the kitchen, it is worthwhile to be more conscious about how you use your supplies.

Observe yourself for 1-2 weeks and then check your fridge to see what is left over, what is no longer edible and what food remains in your waste.

Are you cooking too large portions of food that end up in the waste?

Is there any cheese or tofu in the fridge that you have forgotten to process for a few days? Is there any yoghurt that has begun to run out?

Are there any products in your cupboards that have not been used for a while? Or do you mainly live on convenience food?

Between ourselves, we all have a very bad relationship with the kitchen due to our everyday life. Because we often lack the time to cook. If we have time and are free, shopping is fun and we like to cook. But then everyday life becomes a bit more stressful and full of tasks and we are overcome by unwillingness and a time passes until we enjoy eating and cooking again. Until then ingredients get old and end up in the trash. But that does not have to be the case.